Give Thanks…

19 Apr

… for Breast Cancer humor.

Last Monday I received my final Boobie prize – my boobies!  Size D.  They don’t look like D’s because I have a size E tummy ;-(  How’s that for  exercise incentive?   Show me the Boobies!

Breast cancer humor is new.  Have to become a member of the club to learn it.  You know how one group can call themselves a name and it’s cool but if anyone outside that group uses the name it’s a huge offense?  Well, most cancer survivors don’t feel that way.  A good laugh is good medicine! Give it to ’em, they’ll appreciate it.

One thing’s certain, if you’re not in the club you might not get the humor.  Know what a “tit and pit” is?  It’s breast and lymph node surgery.  “I’m in the build a boob program” (my quote 😉 )  There are many more of those sayings but I have “chemo brain” and can’t remember.  The “chemo brain” joke is that survivors use this excuse years beyond it’s time.

Some fun t-shirts are… “Bald is the new blonde.”  “Eat. Sleep. Chemo.”  “Do not disturb, Beating Cancer”.  “Fight like a Girl.” (my fav.) “Chemo, Breakfast of Survivors.”  “Does this shirt make my head look bald?”

Anyone out there have a funny saying, please pass it on.  “Humor, it’s a good thing!”

Hug Ya,


Toast by David Roederer the sweet man who came to my house every day and made me breakfast while I was actively fighting!  So sorry I can’t share his organic wheat-berry pancakes with you – YUM!

Photo by Sonja Knaisch

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