Give Thanks…

20 Apr

…for the healing power of flowers.

Flowers are a gift of so many words.  We use them to express feelings of love, friendship, thankfulness, sorrow, sympathy and forgiveness… We use them to say “Feel better, I’m thinking of you.”  “Feel better and be comforted by this beauty.”  “Be optimistic.”  “Happier, healthier days will come.”  It works!

Here’s just one of many flower power stories that I’m blessed to have.

As spring melded into summer, I was hanging out in bed waiting for chemo to stop beating me up.   Two friends surprised me with a gift.  You’ve heard a lot about David.  Well, he had a team-mate on “Project Kick Cancer’s Ass”, the sweet & lovely Beth Smerek.  She was the leader of “flower power.”   Beth is a gardening/plant expert and David knows how to hang window boxes.  Together they installed window boxes on my bedroom window and filled them with overflowing, colorful flowers!  Beth had worked a long, hot 8 hours at her nursery and then made her exhausted  little 95 pound body work hours more to give me flowers to heal by.  Not only did the flowers cheer me but the birds and insects they attracted kept me company and filled with hope!  My dear friends and their flowers prevented me from missing summer completely.  What joy!  What love!  What healing power!

  Flower Power by Beth and David.  Photo by Sonja

Hug Ya,


2 Responses to “Give Thanks…”

  1. Crystal April 20, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    Beautiful! Beth is such a bright light in our world. Love the posts and pix.

    • Project Give Thanks April 22, 2011 at 2:27 am #

      Hi Crystal! Thanks for checking in. Yes, she is “a bright light in our world.”
      Hugs to you! Sonja

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