Give Thanks…

23 Apr

… for Mothers and Ables.

To celebrate Earth Day, I went to see a Disney movie called “African Cats.”   Turns out it’s more of a celebration of Mothers and Mother Earth is the supporting actress.  Gather your family and enjoy this film together.  You’ll be glad you did.

  Today was also the day that my pansies were supposed to be planted.  But, this morning, with only one eye open and my head barely lifted from the pillow I could see the snow falling.  That’s all it took for me to snuggle down harder and continue sleeping.  It’s not the pansies that object to cold, wet weather, it’s me!   As you know, Pansies are no lightweights!   These little clown faced flowers are durable, multi- season bloomers. Ever wonder how pansy’s got their name?  Rumor has it that “pansy” came from the French “pensee” meaning thought or remembrance.  That’s sweet but it still doesn’t represent what the plant’s all about.  Pansies are durable, dependable and able  to make one smile.  Maybe we should call them “Ables” ?    Okay…It’s very late so back to where I started, in bed sleeping.

Hugs, Sonja

Photo by Sonja Knaisch

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