Give Thanks…

24 Apr

…for all kinds of rabbits.

Obviously, today, we give thanks for the Easter Bunny and his sweet gifts.

This winter we gave thanks for the “Deer – Bunny” message of kindness.

Email recipients enjoyed the “what-the-heck?” bunny.

My personal totem is the quick, cunning, fun-loving jackrabbit.

The rabbit that kept  Michelle (7) and I (10) from killing each other as we drove across country to the Grand Canyon, in a Volkswagen, is the Jack-a-lope.  At our parent’s request we spent days looking out our separate windows to find him.  Towards trip’s end I caught on that the jack-a-lope shared the same status as the snipe but my younger sister didn’t!!!  Oh the blessings of having one up on a pesky little sister 🙂  I’m still giggling!

Last, but not least, is the baby bunny that finally came out from under our backyard deck yesterday.  An Easter debut, how appropriate!  It’s sooo tiny. I’ll be surprised if there’s only one bunny but that will be enough for grandson Bodhi and I to watch grow and play, as real bunnies and grandsons do.

Give Thanks for the rabbits in your life even if they are busy making a master plan to raid your garden this summer.  Nature is life and LIFE IS GOOD!

Hugs, Sonja

Photos mostly from the internet.  Michelle has misplaced the photo she took of the jack-a-lope in the ’60s.  Wink.

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