Give Thanks…

26 Apr

Give Thanks for those who watch out for us.

  Yes, this is a llama.  It belongs to my friend Carolann, she owns 45 or so.  Sometimes people buy her llamas to guard their sheep from coyotes.  Isn’t that cool?  Today I passed by a farm that had a guard llama and it reminded me that sometimes the people, or animals, that watch over us are unexpected and often overlooked when we give thanks.  For example, a friend was shopping for plants and in casual conversation she mentioned my cancer journey to the owner and he gave her a plant to deliver to me.  That was unexpected but I recognize the gift as a way of watching over and wishing me well.  Another time, just after I was diagnosed, I was shopping at a farmer’s market and began a conversation with a woman selling second hand jewelry.  As soon as she recognized my situation she looked through all of her wares and gave me several sweet breast cancer pins and a huge discount on a few other things.  She too, in her most capable way, was looking out for me.  Other times, I’m protected by being “kept in one’s heart”, being “prayed for” or having “healing vibes sent to me.”

The cards you gift to others is a form of watching-over.  Donating something so personal as a hand-crafted card is a very loving way to look out for others’ well being and revealing yourselves as an unexpected sentry.  I don’t say this to get you to make more cards.  I say it in hopes that you’ll look into your own life and see all of the ways YOU are watched over.  They’re harder to see than a llama but once you get the hang of looking you’ll see them everywhere!

Hugs, Sonja

Photo by SAK

One Response to “Give Thanks…”

  1. blueyedgirly April 27, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    I love reading your posts and the gentle reminders to give thanks for the blessings and lessons in our lives. Thanks!

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