Give Thanks…

29 Apr

Give Thanks for the things we find.

As we buzz through our day, multi tasking at every opportunity, we loose things like our keys, water bottle or sunglasses.  These are the kinds of things that can easily be replace. Searching for them is just a time wasting nuisance and the thankfulness of finding them is barely a thought.  
Sunglasses on your head?  

Some other things we look for over and over again; for example, the perfect diet, our spiritual path, prince charming and unicorns.  Thankfulness may be ours for a time but growth, loss or circumstance can nudge us into searching for these thing again.


Just a few days ago a friend’s son went missing.  Now there’s something we move heaven and earth to find! Right?   Social networks like cellphones, facebook, blogs, twitter and email were immediately used to find him.  What a bucketfull of thankfulness we have for all of that!  Of course we’re most thankful for finding the young man unharmed.   But, let’s take time to be thankful for all of the new avenues we have to search fast, far and wide!  Also, give thanks for Amber Alert and the professionals who are on standby to rescue us.  Gone (mostly) are the days when a parent has to suffer waiting at home, by the wall-phone, while a handful of folks scatter about to look for missing children in a limited area.

  Word to random Super Size Heros too.

Devices, personal paths, people were connected to, new ways of searching, heros… Give Thanks for the things we find!    

Hugs, Sonja

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