Give Thanks…

12 May

Give Thanks for airplanes.

Airplanes, cars, phones and electronics keep us connected to the people we love. While we can be thankful for that we should consider how the opposite is also true as those things make leaving our families easier.  Our global-ness is the result of fast travel.  Maybe, as fuel disappears we’ll create small towns again and become community based.  Families may stay close by to support each other, generations may get to know each other again.  Until then, planes are a part of our heritage and they help us stay connected so giving thanks is appropriate.  The following is a story about some of my Mother’s Day weekend and how planes played a part of it.  You’re welcome to read it or not.  I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful in every way, too!

These are Frontier Airline planes parked in front of the distant Rocky Mountains.  They took us, son David, daughter Sarah, grandson Bodhi, and I to visit Michelle & her family this Mother’s Day weekend.  We love the plane’s animal names and painted tail fins.  Jack the Rabbit is my fave.

We had a lot to do in Dayton, OH.  The first was to say good-bye to my (and Michelle & Randy’s) Mom.  It had been raining for weeks but for Mom’s service the sun shone brightly.  Friends and family joined us in a simple ceremony (as Mom requested) and we said our heartfelt words of gratitude and love.

Mother’s Day was all about airplanes!  Michelle and I went with our families to the National Museum of the US Air Force.  It was so cool!  We saw the earliest planes…

 (not the earliest but neat)

to the most recent…

… and we walked through JFK’s Presidential Plane, the one that he was transported in after his assassination.  What history we smelled, touched & saw!

Afterwards we hung out at Michelle’s…

… where she reins supreme!  Darn, I forgot to take a sneak shot of the Wizzard’s craft-lair.  I will next time.  Then later another family visit….

… where Bodhi (grandson) met 5 of his 6 young cousins.  Talk about a wild evening!  (Bodhi, Sarah, Stepmother Cindy, David & Sonja)

This fabulous extended Mother’s Day weekend couldn’t have happened without the airplanes.  We Give Thanks!

(son David, there was a plane for everyone!)

Hugs, Sonja

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  1. Michelle Zindorf May 12, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    Love it!

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