Give Thanks for Yardbirds…

18 May

Give thanks for yardbirds.

Not these yardbirds. (ip)

These yardbirds…

the pretty blue-dress, scrubjay (sak),

the lemon-yellow finch family (sak),

the looks-like-red, purple finch (sak),

the leaning-more-toward-orange, red house finch (ip),

and the cute as a dickens, chestnut-backed chickadee…(ip).

These are the yardbirds that graced my feeder this morning.  The pewter sky was promising rain so the birds were in a hurry-scurry to get feed and go hide.  There was color flying all over the back yard.  Don’t you just love how a chickadee bobs & weaves when it flies?  Does it remind you of your childhood dodge-ball strategy – bob & weave, bob & weave…?  Does me.  Sometime soon, take a break from your busy schedule and find a place to watch the yardbirds.  Give thanks for the beauty, rest and free entertainment.

I need to stop blah, blah, blogging and get packed for my trip.

Hugs All,


(ip=internet photo)

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