Give Thanks for a cloudy day.

18 Jun

Give thanks for a cloudy day.

As I sit on the backyard deck, these clouds float in front of me and I’m grateful for them.  Sun, heat and wind have filled the last 5 days so cloudy-coolness is a sweet treat.  Cooing doves and faintly touching wind chimes are luring me to a morning in the hammock.  Before I rock myself to sleep though, I’d like to share another reason why the clouds are so interesting today.

Last weekend, in Colorado Springs, I joined my sister “The Internationally Famous, Michelle Zindorf”, (poor thing endures such family teasing, only because it’s true  😉 for her beginners and advanced brayer lessons.  If, like me, you know little about card-art, I’ll tell you that a brayer is a tiny paint roller which is used to make many varieties of landscape features.  Here are some brayering examples from Michelle’s work …

brayered sky & ground

brayered sunrise & atmosphere

 brayered sunset and ocean

You can see her complete FREE tutorials of these cards and hundreds of others at

The point I was going to make about clouds, colors, brayers and lessons is that the act of creating is a wonderful way to be “in the moment.”

Michelle taught me how to use those tools and to see the colors in the real sky, earth and water so I can represent them with the limited numbers of ink that are available.  Now I can add card-art to journaling, sketching, and photography as vehicles to become more deeply immersed in what I’m experiencing.

I also learned more about SEEING and then making what I see mine.  What a gift.  To see fully, through the minds eye, at sites & events and to pull them into oneself is living in the moment!  Every technique we can use to accomplish this is something to be grateful for.

On my return from Colorado Springs, driving west on hwy. 52 the sunset seemed to be folded into three different panels, like an Asian screen.  Each had its own form of clouds, colors and shadows.  The colorful panels didn’t transition into each other as much as they were divided by whitish atmosphere. Using the words and techniques Michelle had just taught me I imagined making a card that looked quite like it.  That sunset is now mine forever and I will have it for inspiration next time I’m brayering.



2 Responses to “Give Thanks for a cloudy day.”

  1. Lesley Jacobs June 20, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    Beautiful Post, Sonja. Thanks for sharing your insights and the lovely designs your sister has created. It’s such a gift to keep open eyes, open ears and an open heart to see/hear and feel through someone else’s perspective. Through your’s, I am inspired and grateful that you have taken on this project to help others move more gracefully through what can be a terribly difficult situation. Much love and gratitude your way.

    Lesley Jacobs
    Pink Elephant Posse

    • Project Give Thanks June 22, 2011 at 4:47 am #

      Hey Beautiful Lady! I’ve recovered from food poisoning but not missing a date with you. How was last Friday? Hope you had fun.

      Thanks for this very sweet post. I sure appreciate your support. Hope you’ve visited the infusion room on your visits to the Onc and helped yourself to some beautiful cards.

      My hard drive blew and I have a new one now. The transfer of info. didn’t go well. I may be silent for awhile until I work out the kinks but we have lots to chat about so let’s make a date. Check you calendar and give a ring. Come to the house/park and have lunch with Bodhi and I.

      Hugs, Sonja

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