Give thanks for a moment…

14 Jul

Give Thanks for a moment and a moment is all I have just now.

“The fundamental job of a toddler is to RULE the universe.”

 For the last six weeks I’ve been happily under the “rule” of my 2.5 year old grandson, Bodhi.  I thought I could care for him while my daughter worked AND catch up on my own work (a year in bed makes for a   l o n g   to-do list) but I was mistaken.  So, a few days ago Bodhi went back to the daycare he loves and is happily spending his days with 4 other boys his age.  Bless You Miss Anne!


  “Boys Will Be Boys”


Bodhi and I shared pool time, books, the park, cooking, bubbles, movies, sprinklers,gardening, errands, naps and many other things.  It was great fun for both of us but I simply couldn’t get anything else done.  That’s why my blog as been silent for so long and I’ve missed it.  I’ve missed reporting on PGT too.  However, I have not missed filling the card box at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center chemotherapy room.  All is well there and your cards are appreciated and admired daily!  Several times Bodhi went with me to fill the box and charmed everyone I let him meet.  His contact with patients was limited because I was worried that he might pass on toddler germs.  You know little kids are walking petri dishes full of microorganisms looking for adult hosts.  It’s just one more way toddlers plan to rule the universe.  😉

Well, it’s 10:41 p.m. and my charge is still awake playing rocket with Buzz Lightyear and if I move to get the cards I’ve received both he and Buzz will blast off again!  So, I’ll have to acknowledge the packages tomorrow.  Please don’t worry if you haven’t read your name on PGT after sending me cards.  I’m sure I’ve received them but just haven’t had the time or energy to report it.  Please know that I’m very thankful for your work, creativity and donations.

Sending Summer Hugs,


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