Give Thanks for patience.

25 Jul

Give Thanks for patience.

My cancer angel and dear friend, David Roederer, has been teaching me how to ride a bike since early 2009.  He helped me find a new, appropriately fitting, bike which was proper for riding the trails I prefer.  Then he got me on the darn thing and slowly chipped away at my fears.  Unfortunately, we were interrupted by my diagnosis & treatment so getting me ready to ride was delayed by a year or so.  On good days I was given cycling rules, seat adjustments, a bell, bottle holder and tiny neighborhood trips.  Recently, we moved up to small paved trail trips then medium just barely hilly rides and then David took me for the scary car-sharing road excursion.  Slowly we built my post treatment stamina up to what we did today, a multi-surface, two city, 3 hour ride!  We had a blast.  Without David’s patient, non-judgemental tutelage I wouldn’t have found my new love for cycling and we wouldn’t be sharing a fitness based hobby.  I give thanks!

Who has been patient with you?  Who have you been patient with?   Let’s give thanks for the abundance of patience and our ability to both receive and extend it.

Hugs, Sonja

PS The houses shown below are just two of many cute refurbished Longmont homes and gardens we saw today.  Riding gives us presence and a closer connection to the communities we live & work in.  The mountains behind me, in the top photo, are the Rocky Mountains; Indian Peaks are just over my left shoulder.

3 Responses to “Give Thanks for patience.”

  1. Michelle Zindorf July 25, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    You Go Sister! Love Ya!

  2. Lesley Jacobs July 25, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    So great to see your smiling face out there in the world, rockin it on a bike! Thanks for the great reflection to allow me to create the space to be grateful for ALL of the people in my life that have been so patient with me. Much love to you Sonja! XO

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