Give Thanks for Social Police.

25 Jul

Give Thanks for Social Police.

My sister, Michelle, calls me the Social Police because if I see something that looks unfair, dangerous, or maybe even good or noteworthy I’ll say something to others.  If the movie doesn’t fit on the movie screen I’ll get my money back even if I paid for 7 people.  If I see a toddler walking down the 29th Street Mall alone, I’ll leave my cafe seat to make sure a parent is near and watching.  Often when I’m hiking I’ll see owls or coyotes and tell people approaching on the trail about them wether they want to know or not.  Sometimes all of this works out and others not so much.  Well, there you have it, I’m Officer Knaisch of the buttinski department.

Last week an adult male (5’10”, brown hair & eyes) drove his door-less jeep up to the front of the YMCA, got out, left the motor running and went inside the building.  I stood there and watch the jeep.  When he returned I was literally screaming at him about how any kid could have gotten in the running car and driven it into the daycare playground that was 30 feet in front of the jeep!  He mumbled “That’s a consideration”.  Good thing I had a baby in my arms and couldn’t reach my night stick!

Today, on a hike with my black lab Xena, I was visited by the Social Police.   A  lady was riding bike on the same trail as us.  It was hot and sunny, about 9:45 a.m., when she stopped me to find out if I had water for the dog.  “Well, yes, I do” I responded.  Very sweetly, she talked a little more about how hot it must be in all of that fur, how leashed dogs can’t find their own water…  Finally, I think I got what she wanted.  She wanted proof or maybe just some conversation.  So I got out the water bottle and gave Xena a long drink while we chatted.  Shortly, everyone was satisfied and we went on our separate ways.  Some people would have been offended by that encounter but I felt lucky that someone other than me was looking out for the health and well being of a hot, black dog.

Being a Social Police is just another way of saying “I care” or “Fair is fair”.  It’s likely that you too are a member of the force.  Well, Yeah You!  Let’s all give thanks for the Social Police who help this ol’ human race live a little better and maybe longer.



PS  I picked the snowy photo to give you a much needed chill.

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