Give Thanks for a reliable product.

10 Aug

Give Thanks for a reliable product.

What an exciting blog I’m running here!  But, let me ask you this… How exciting is it when a drink spills on your laptop?  How about when a hot coffee tips onto your car seat ?  As long as I remember to close the  spout, with the tap of a button, I don’t worry about such excitement anymore.  I’m drinking from XOX’s LiquiSeal Travel Mug 1055291 and it doesn’t drop a drop!  But if you want one you’ll have to drop a twenty$.  Worth it!   Boy, if I’m going to do these Vanna White gigs I need to have my nails done.

What simple, reliable product can YOU not do without?  I’m actively trying to get “set in my ways” by examining what I must have and then finding the best product to fill the need.  I’m tired of making expensive mistakes, having crap I don’t use taking up my closet space, wasting precious time examining a gazillion products and buying things from companies I don’t respect.  Making a list of my favorite things and sticking to them should fix all of that.  I’ll let you know how it works out.  Hummmm… “my favorite things”… does anyone else hear the Sound of Music playing?

My hugs are reliable and one is heading your way,


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