Give Thanks for sweet intervention.

15 Aug

Give Thanks for sweet intervention.

It’s all my fault.  I, the mother, slept in until 8:30 this morning.  Mothers are NOT allowed to do that, especially on a Monday for pete’s sake.  But, I did and I paid the consequences as I walked to the back door and stepped on the rug where liquid ooze around my feet and between my toes.  “Somebody peed on the rug!” “AUGH!!!”  Three possible culprits, the ol’ white dog, the middle aged black dog or the toddler in training – potty training that is.  Augh!!!  My thoughts went dark, very dark.  “White dog’s getting the needle.  Black dog’s going with my donations to the lab rescue group.  Toddler gets a free pass, because he’s my sunshine, but his Mother’s gonna catch hell.”  “Grrrrr!!!”  No time for all of that, must save the unsealed marble floor (also my fault) and new rug.  I race to the basement for two feet of rags and the only decent scent remover I have, vinegar.   Yes, it seems counterintuitive to put something that stinks on something else that stinks but it can work.  You full-well know the rest of the scene, me in my dainty summer gown, on my hands and knees, butt up exposed, boobs down exposed all for the neighbors to see through the door, if anyone’s looking.  More than likely my early morning, open window, anguished scream brought some attention.  If that didn’t I bet the stream of four letter words did!  Anyway, as rags and water and vinegar and scrubbing and sopping up went on for seemingly hours, dark thoughts continued as I punished myself for sleeping past my time to get up and care for everyone’s pissing problems.  I wondered how I would ever set this Monday morning on a less punishing path.   With time and exertion dark thoughts eased, hunger set in and “bing!” dark chocolate, the luscious kind I had hidden in my office cabinet captured my attention!   And that’s where I’m going now, to take as long as I did cleaning, savoring this one scrumptious dark chocolate raspberry truffle with a hot, soothing cup of green mint tea!  I’m about to set Monday on a better, more delicious path.

With the faint scent of either vinegar or chocolate, Hugs are coming your way,


P S  GIVE THANKS for the ability to change our bad days into decent ones with a little sweet intervention.

One Response to “Give Thanks for sweet intervention.”

  1. Sheri August 16, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

    Oh Sonja, you really crack me up, as I left a household this morning with wet pom-pom toys all over the floor just waiting to be stepped on with stocking feet. One of my cats takes to dropping these little pom-pom toys into his water bowl and then taking them back out and laying them conveniently sopping wet back upon the floor for the next unsuspecting Sucker to come by in stocking feet and Splat!! Wet socks and water all over. As my older son was getting ready to go out the door this morning, I heard some yelling coming from the kitchen. When I asked what was the matter, yeah you guessed it, “wet balls” on the floor. Oh well, sure hope your Tuesday started off dry.

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