Give Thanks for another generous card artist.

16 Aug

Phyllis Jachowski, who is an independent Stamp-in up demonstrator, got together with a group to make Project Give Thanks cards.  Yeah!

   This is the card that Phyllis made & sent to me.  In it she said “Please accept this gift for your Pink Ladies from the Cards for a Cause Club at Kaiserslautern Military Community.  CFAC Club makes blank cards & small projects for wounded Warriors to send out to family and friends.”  These cards came all of the way from Ramstein Germany, the largest US Military post outside of the USA.  Wow!  This is not the first time I’ve received cards from other countries and I am always impressed by the universal reach of stampin’.  Phyllis actually lives in Ft. Collins Colorado when she’s not globe trotting for the US Military.  I look forward to meeting her when she retires there.  Actually, I would love to meet every person who has been generous enough to send their art to me.  That would be so very cool!

  This is one of two card styles that CFAC Club made.  Ladies, I know that there are a lot of wounded soldiers who enjoy and need your help so I feel especially honored that you took your time, rescources and talents to make cards for Project Give Thanks.  In the infusion room, I often leave stories about the people who’s cards are filling the box and I’ll be sure to do it for these cards.

Lastly, Phyllis said “We would love to know if you need more cards.”  In a word “YES!”  Project Give Thanks is an ongoing project because, sadly, there are new people coming into the chemo therapy room every day.  Also, I have dreams of taking this to other Cancer treatment centers but at the moment the card supply won’t support that.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that we can keep the cards flowing at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center (Tebo Center) and each and every one have made a success of that goal!  Thank YOU!  

Give Thanks for this new package, every package that has been sent, and every package that will be sent because these cards are making a joyful contribution to the lives of people fighting Cancer.  

Many Warm Hugs,


PS  Cards don’t have to arrive in a big package; small packages and individual cards are all appreciated equally!

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