Give Thanks for, right off the plant, fresh organic fruit.

19 Aug

I’m talkin’ frrrresh!

This is a “eat it over the sink” nectarine.  Juices ignored the sink, splashed the window, ran down my arm and onto the hovering dog.  Quick, slurrrp…

Bodhi, lovin’ his big cool, ripe, “stickin’ to my face” peach!

OOops!  “I ate the whole thing!”  Last night was the final summer music party in Niwot, CO.  Major Boo-hoo ;-(  David and I consoled ourselves by stopping into “Mom’s Pies” and bought this fresh out of the oven, flakiest crust on the planet, cherry pie.  It’s a four piece pie (I say in my pathetic defense).  Last night I noshed  2 pieces with hot mint tea.  This morning I fought and gave into temptation and poor reasoning.  Then, I scarfed every bite of the last two pieces.  Hey, they were small!  I’ll be buying David a pie later today.  Maybe he’ll share 😉

Give Thanks for drip droppin’, slurp-sloppin, I shouldn’t eat the WHOLE pie, fresh organic fruit AND go have ya some!

Cherry flavored, nectarine sticky hugs to you my friends,


One Response to “Give Thanks for, right off the plant, fresh organic fruit.”

  1. Michelle Zindorf August 20, 2011 at 10:37 am #

    You can’t fool me. I haven’t seen a pie that last long around you or cake for the matter, lol. Love ya!

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