Give Thanks for a new collection of holiday memories.

26 Dec

Sonja, Sarah, David and Bodhi

My family takes the same Christmas-day picture just about every year.  Well, it looks the same but never is.  What’s different about this photo, from last year’s,  is that our two dogs aren’t in it.  We only have one now because our eldest yellow lab, Maya, passed on.  Also, my son’s girlfriend isn’t in the picture because she’s taking the picture.  Cindy is a wonderful new friend of the family’s and we love her.  You can’t see that David received recognition (promotion & raise) for his good work ethic but, he did.  To me, Sarah looks like an RN but you may not see that.  She is in her first year as a labor & delivery nurse at the Cheyenne Regional Health Center.  And, Bodhi!  What a sweet little angel he appears to be, and he really is!   But, he is also 3 years old and full of ramped-up energy, endless curiosity and ramped-up energy.  As for me, I look happy when in truth I am downright joyful over being alive for this picture and for the ability to take care of Bodhi while Sarah transitions into her long distance job.  Additionally, It’s not obvious that most of the gifts under the tree were purchased by the kids instead of me.  There is a transition happening here.  My adult children are becoming more responsible for the holidays just as they are responsible for themselves.  It won’t be long before this photo will be taken at one of their homes.  YEEES!

What do your new holiday memories reveal?  I hope you’ll take a break from your busy, return to work, schedule to enjoy and find the stories that are held within those new memories.  If you’re anywhere near my age, 52, you’d better do it pretty darn quick before the memories slip away.  Ya know, if we were studying for some test we would look at the material, review the material again and then commit it to memory.  Life is our test.  Let’s all take time to study the information that really means something to us:  how much we seem to stay the same and how much our lives are really changing.

There are memories in the air…  Catchem, they’re yours!



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