Give Thanks for BIG Deals.

6 Jan

“Today we’re encouraged to feel,

that the passage of time is for real,

But isn’t that true of other days, too?

Be resolved, they’re all a big deal!”

(I like how Arlo taped his comic on his refrigerator – art imitating life.)

Here’s a Big Deal, The Pink Elephant Posse…

Lesley and her mother Sherrie

These photos are from a New Year’s Eve fund raiser party.  The Pink Elephant Posse  is a source for young, newly diagnosed cancer survivors to connect and hear about resources available to them.  Lesley, is the founder of PEP and was also the first recipient of a Project Give Thanks card!  Her photo is on my first blog, if I’m not mistaken.  When she was diagnosed with breast cancer she found that most of the information given to her was directed to women 40 and beyond.  She felt that women in their 20’s and 30’s were the “pink elephants” in the room and nobody was addressing their unique need.  So in true Lesley style, she’s on it, making connections and caring for others via her website and blog.  “Right On!

What was your BIG Deal project in 2011 and what will be your’s in 2012?  Project Give Thanks is still a BIG Deal for me and those who need and enjoy the cards.  Since I’m nearly out of cards, in 2012, I’ll be looking for ways to contact more people and generate card donations.  You can help me if you like.  Please send the link for Project Give Thanks’ blog  to every card artist you know and encourage them to donate all of the cards they’ve made but don’t have time to use.  Card fronts are also welcome!   Helping in this way is a BIG Deal for everyone touched by PGT.  Thanks You!

A BIG Deal Hug is com in’ your way to make your day!


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