Give Thanks for the new arrivals.

8 Jan

New cards have arrived and we all can give thanks!

These beauties are from Eileen Esposito of Westminster, CO.

There’s a little story to tell about this Bronco’s card.  On the day I filled the cancer center card box I walked it around to everyone and asked if they’d like some free homemade cards.  Of course, everyone did and I got to visit with really nice, appreciative cancer fighters as they looked at every awesome card.  That’s not the story though.  I came to an isle where a young teenage boy was waiting to be given his chemo.   To my delight I had Bronco cards to offer him.  His family (father and two sisters) looked at me funny but still had smiles on their face.  The young man said “thank you” and I walked away.  Before I reached the end of the isle his Mother, towing the rolling hanger of chemo bags, showed up.  She had gone to the restroom and her son was keeping her chair warm.  As they say, ” to assume makes an ass of u and me.”  I explained the goof, the young man kept the card, and the mother took a few too.   Still!  The real point is that having cards that appeal to different people is wonderful!     Thank you Eileen.

(note: children are not treated at this center however, young adults are.)

These sweet cards were made by Valory Johnson of Zeeland, MI.  Val has sent Project Give Thanks 4 large packages of cards since it began.  She must have an uncanny intuition for knowing my panic over dwindeling card supplies.  Whew!  Thanks Val!

That, my dear Artists, is where I am now…just about out of cards!  As you’ve heard, I’m a rather odd duck.  I don’t like shopping for anything that hasn’t already been used, I carry a whistle and badge for “social police” activities and I’m a disaster in the art room!  My forte is communicating.  I’m the card writer and sender!  Sooo, I need your help spreading the PGT word to generate more donations and get more people involved!

I have Project Give Thanks flyers explaining the program and they would look nice hanging on your favorite craft store’s cork board.  They would look nice on your blog too!  Also, there are really cute PGT business cards which would be useful at your next convention or craft party.  Would you like to pass some around?  Please leave a comment and an address to where I can send them and this time I’ll send you a package!  Thank YOU!

Comin’ your way, the new arrival of a Sonja Hug.  Watch out, it’s filled with syrupy sweet gratitude!

3 Responses to “Give Thanks for the new arrivals.”

  1. Pamela Moore January 9, 2012 at 3:00 am #

    Wonderful cards! And such an inspiring purpose for them too. If only I weren’t so ridiculously slow at making cards, I could do my bit. 😦 Perhaps that should be my goal this year, to “pick up the pace” so that I have extras to share!

    I just had one question… could you find out from “Eileen Esposito of Westminster, CO” what the name/brand is of the cat stamp she used? As a feline loving household… cat cards are, well, the cat’s meow! 🙂

    • Project Give Thanks January 11, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

      Hi Pamela,
      Thanks so much for commenting.

      You don’t have to make cards by the hundreds, just a few cards helps very much. But, no pressure. Life supplies too much of that as it is.

      Yes, I will contact Eileen but I’m pretty sure the cat is a “die cut.” I simply do not know what I’m talking about… but the cat was cut from the top paper and the black image was from the bottom paper. It was even more cool than a stamp. Still, I’ll contact her to see if I can get the details.
      Hugs, Sonja

  2. Pamela Moore January 11, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

    Sonja, That’s funny… it never even occurred to me that it might be a die cut, rather than a stamp. Either way, it’s adorable. Thanks for asking about it for me. I am going to try adding just a few cards to my repertoire specifically for PGT, it’s for an excellent cause and I really would like to participate and really, it’s such a small, attainable thing — with such great rewards! 🙂 Thank you again for making the inquiry, I appreciate it. Pamela

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