Give Thanks for broken falls…

9 Jan

Give thanks for broken falls instead of broken bones!

Wish I had a picture of it for you.  I bet it was hilarious!  A few hours ago I stepped on ice, the kind made from water dripping off the roof.  You know the invisible deadly kind?  The kind that somehow finds the power to throw 125 pounds straight up in the air, disperse the weight into 5 different directions and within a millisecond drop it full force onto the ground!  Yes, that sprawling free fall of mine must have been a sight to see!

Luckily, there was a flowerpot full of llama manure within reach to break some of my fall.  Hey, when one’s airborne being choosy isn’t an option.  I embraced that freshly collected poop with all I could: my right arm.  It’s dirty & scraped but the arm is in tact and the certain brain buster fall was foiled.  Yay, pot o’ poop!!!  Special thanks to Carolann and her 35 llama who have contributed to my garden season twice now: helping to keep my gardening body in tact and supplying llama love compost.  Oh, I don’t have a picture of the fall but I can show you Carolann’s llamas.  They (Carolann and the llama) are beautiful and I like to show them off when I can.

FYI: Llamas don’t spit unless you make them mad or scared; same as us.  That’s me (and my cancer*) getting checked out  by a smallish, friendly llama.

Hey, let’s change subjects and think about irony.  Ya know that song “Ironic” sung by Alanis Morissette ?  In it she lists things that are, well, ironic.  Or, are they?  An old man dies the day before he wins the lottery… “It’s like rain on your wedding day.” … “A traffic jam when you’re already late.”   Humm?  Well, finally I’m driven to find the answer. “WTF is ironic?”  Our ol’ pal wikipedia says:  “… in ironic situations… actions often have an effect exactly opposite from what is intended.”  Hummm… or as Pooh would say, “Think. Think, think.”

Okay, here it is, the connection you’ve been waiting for…  Is the fact that I fell on ice ironic because I was on my way to clear ice before someone fell on it?   Oh, good Lord, how will the earth spin on it’s axis until the answer is known?

May all of your falls be broken by the arms of a loved one.

Sending hugs big enough to catch you,


* A note about cancer and photos.  After one has been diagnosed they can not help but see the cancer they are carrying in pre-diagnosis pictures.  For me, it’s like looking back and seeing hand grenade breasts, just waiting to explode.  Sorry to end on a bummer note but these things may be helpful to know when caring for a cancer survivor or trying to figure out why your pre-cancer photos make you feel a little sad or something.

2 Responses to “Give Thanks for broken falls…”

  1. Carol Jean Hertkorn January 9, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Dear Sonja,
    It is so true about before pictures. I have a picture taken at our niece’s wedding where I was so happy that I had finally had my hair all one length. Little did I know that in less than two months I would receive my diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer. Two months after that I would lose all my hair from chemo. Everytime I look at that picture it reminds me to never be too proud and a bad hair day beats a no hair day any time . CJ

    • Project Give Thanks January 11, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

      CJ, I’m sorry that you had that experience. The lessons you learned were mine too. In fact, I learned them so well that during my recovery I didn’t care much about how my hair looked because it didn’t represent me anymore. Slowly, mirrors and vanity prompted me to “style” again. My hair is beginning to look like my “normal” style but I’ll never be my “normal” self. I consider that a very good thing.
      Healing hugs to you my friend, Sonja
      Thanks so much for commenting.

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