Give thanks for the words of babes.

11 Jan

Xena pushed past Bodhi to get in first.

Frequently, I hear a voice shouting “pee-pole go first!” … “nooo… peee-pole go first!”  Not the voice of a shoulder angel but that of my grandson, Bodhi, as he scolds one of our big Labradors for pushing past him.  Going down the steps it’s Bodhi yelling  ” Pee-pole go first!”  Coming in the front door screens of “PEEEEE-POLE goooo first, Xena!”  Running down our long narrow hall winded frustration squeals “STOP!”  “Maya, Peeeee-pole go first!”   Long ago, I grew tired of the fuss and explained that the dogs don’t understand that particular command…   Then, time after time, I repeated “the dogs aren’t trained to understand that people go first” and that Bodhi should stop yelling it.  Well, wasn’t that STUPID of me!

Maya pushes past Bodhi to get out first.

Of all the things Bodhi and the rest of the world should hear, over and over again, it’s that “People go first!”  Hey Corporations, Insurance and Drug companies, “People go first”, not profits!  Washington, we’re yelling at you “PEOPLE GO FIRST” not corporations!  Geeeeezzzza, Supreme Court, “People go first” and Corporations ARE NOT PEOPLE!  Darn it,world religions, “people go first” not dogma!  Whew!  What a dump of frustration that was. Pardon me please.

Oh, but wait!  Like all rules, this one has it’s exceptions!!!  Even people, do not always come first!  Right?  The planet, and it’s environment, really does have dibs on “First.”  After all, people can’t live without it.  Hummm…

Listen closely and you’ll hear wisdom from the mouths of babes too.  Give thanks and pass it on.

Pine scented, sappy, Tree-hugger Hugs comin-at-cha,


Xena on Bodhi's sacred blankie...


2 Responses to “Give thanks for the words of babes.”

  1. Crystal January 11, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    A sweet reminder! Thanks Sonja and Bodhi……

    • Project Give Thanks January 11, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

      Hi Crystal, thanks for the comment and for reading my blog.

      Could you do me a favor and send me a message if you get this reply and tell me how you got it? I don’t think the comments are showing up on the blog and I don’t know how to fix that. Do you?

      Many Thanks, Sonja

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