Meet the Artist…

11 Jan

Hey everyone, meet Florence (Flo) Johnson and her husband Paul.  Flo sent me a large box of cards and a super nice letter.  I’d like to share some of the letter with you.

As you can see, Flo was in the military and that’s where she met her handsome husband.  They served our country for 27 years!!!  Specifically, Flo was in the military police.  She has lived in Arizona and California, mostly.   Flo also worked 12 years as a medical examiner for an insurance company AND was a registered cardiac tech for 15 years!

On October 29, 2009 Flo was diagnosed with left temporal brain cancer (glioblastoma) and was immediately sent into surgery.  She says that her symptoms were  3-4 day headaches.   She had two months of chemo & radiation and is now a two year survivor.  (Yay!)

Flo has felt the love of family and friends and said “Such love makes someone like me have desires to care for others in need…”, and she does.  She is involved with the “Gray Matter Fondation” and the “Wellness Foundation” in Phoenix.  Because of her family’s 3 generation experience with all kinds of cancer she is curious about the connection of genetics and cancer.

Flo and Paul recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  Aren’t they a lovely couple?  Flo is the picture of health.  I would never have guessed that she recently fought brain cancer!  Bravo, Flo!

A message to Flo: Continue taking as good care of yourself as you do others.  Thank you for the cards that you made and donated to Project Give Thanks.  Many benefitted from your caring actions.

Sincerely, Sonja

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