Give thanks for savoring a moment.

18 Jan


by Richard Jones

In the desert, a traveler

returning to his family

is surprised

by a wild beast.

To save himself

from the fierce animal,

he leaps into a deep well

empty of water.

But at the bottom

is a dragon, waiting

with open mouth

to devour him.

The unhappy man,

not daring to go out

lest he should be

the prey of the beast,

not daring to jump

to the bottom

lest he should be

devoured by the dragon,

clings to the branch

of a bush growing

in the cracks of the well.

Hanging upon the bough,

he feels his hands

weaken, yet still

he clings, afraid

of his certain fate.

Then he sees two mice,

one white, the other black,

moving about the bush,

gnawing the roots.

The traveler sees this

and knows that he must

inevitably perish, that he will

never see his sons again.

But while thus hanging

he looks about and sees

on the leaves of the bush

some drops of honey.

These leaves

he reaches with his tongue

and licks the honey off,

with rapture.

Honey covered hugs about to drip on you,


P.S.  Please excuse the formatting, I have little control over it.  😦

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