Give thanks for visitors (well, some visitors).

3 Feb

Hey All, I was just thinking… if you want to be motivated to tidy up the house invite a friend over.  If you want to be driven to vacuum under the furniture invite an interior decorator.  But, if you want to get all-out-curraaazy and clean at the cellular level, find mice in your kitchen!!!

That’s what’s happened in my cooking sanctuary; my poor lil’ kitchen was invaded.  There’s been a frenzy of mice, traps, bleach, bubbles, cussing…  Tomorrow, I’ll rebuild and hope there are only two legged visitors from now on.

The critters know we’re getting a big snow storm tonight.   So do the babies.  My daughter said that yesterday the entire labor & delivery department, in Cheyenne, was filled to capacity and crazy with activity.  Glad we’re not expecting a baby house guest, you know what kind of cleaning that entails!

Hope all your visitors are welcome and full of joyful hugs,


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