Give thanks for a blast from the past…

18 Mar

This is my 81st blog message.  Thank You Everyone for supporting Rocky Mountain cancer fighters through Project Give Thanks.

Here is one of my first posts introducing myself, my sister Michelle Zindorf and explaining my hopes for Project Give Thanks:

Day & Night – Yin & Yang – Sonja & Michelle

Hey, thanks for checking in with Project Give Thanks and me. I am a spiritual life, lived in the moment.  Surviving breast cancer is one of the many things I’ve experienced in the last 51 years.  I’ve also grown two beautiful children, Sarah & David, and helped raise two year old grandson, Bodhi.  My passions are people, plants and music.

My sister is the famous (sometimes infamous) artist Michelle Zindorf.  I’m just kidding, as you know she’s a totally good egg, now.   But, it’s my privilege as the oldest to jerk her chain every now and then.  Being the oldest must have some rewards to make up for the “old age” jokes one endures.

While Michelle is the artist who makes radically awesome cards, pastels and water colors; I’m the writer who fills cards, journals and blog pages; the one who spent several teenage years locked in her bedroom writing cool & groovy poetry from under overgrown bangs.

Lately, I’ve admired Michelle’s wonderful art community and watched for a way to join in.  I’m not a stamper.  In fact, on my first attempt at stamping it took me almost an hour to stamp three bees in a straight line and Michelle is still laughing!  Finally, now I can connect with card-artists on my own, through Project Give Thanks.  They are generous and fun loving people and I am confident they will help support Cancer Survivors through Project Give Thanks.  Just watch!

There are so many possible ways for people to connect, communicate and support one another.  I hope that this humble project will do all of that and more.  I Give Thanks for your interest and support.

Hugs, Sonja

Michelle Zindorf & Sonja Knaisch Florida 2004

PS  If you don’t know Michelle’s work, check out her daily tutorials

They’re free and totally awesome!

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