Give thanks for Spring.

20 Mar


by James Wright

A bear under the snow
Turns over to yawn.
It’s been a long, hard rest.

Once, as she lay asleep, her cubs fell
Out of her hair,
And she did not know them.

It’s hard to breathe
In a tight grave:

So she roars,
And the roof breaks.
Dark rivers and leaves
Pour down.

When the wind opens its doors
In its own good time,
The cubs follow that relaxed and beautiful woman
Outside to the unfamiliar cities
Of moss.

Happy Spring Everyone!  It’s bright and sunny here in Boulder, Colorado; but, the air is cold.  Daffodils are showing off their post-it yellows and some brave cherries are blooming puffs of white.  All signs that Spring’s here and hibernation is about over.  Still, I’m groggy.  How about you?  Better look alive before I start singing “wake-up, wake-up you sleepy head; get-up, get-up, get out of bed; cheer-up, cheer-up, the sun is red; live, love, laugh and be happy….”  Hey, when a girl’s gotta sing “the red, red Robin comes bobbin’ …” she’s just gotta let it out!

James Wright’s last image: “unfamiliar cities of moss” reminds me of how neighborhoods look once the trees have leafed out.  Sometimes I don’t even recognize where I am.  Do you ever get distracted by a bed of flowers and find that you’ve missed your turn?  Happens to me all the time.

If only Spring wasn’t such a dizzying burst of activity.  There’s so much magic happening at once.  Spring must be one of Mother Nature’s most laborious times.  Pushing out leaves, grasses and flowers; thawing, cracking, moving rock & soil; not to mention prying grumpy hibernators out of warm, safe dens; it must take as much energy as birthin’ a baby!   Poor Mother Earth, no wonder she’s in a hurry.  She’s pushing through the labor in anticipation of her long awaited, beautiful creation: Spring.  Sounds familar.

Before closing, I want Joann Spicer to know that I received her great cards.  Many of them were children’s birthday cards and they were a blast to look at.  Here are two examples, sorry for the bad picture because these cards are CUTE!

There’s so much talent in the card artist community; it just floors me!

Thanks Joann and everyone else who makes Project Give Thanks a continuing success!

Bright Sunny Hugs for you all,


PS  Can’t find my glasses so this post may have some doozies in it.

One Response to “Give thanks for Spring.”

  1. Michelle March 22, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    Love the poem, pics and post. Keep up the good work!

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