Give Thanks for a Fall kick off…

5 Nov

Project Give Thanks has not been forgotten!  Spring and Summer are so full of activities and work.  I was very busy installing new vegetable gardens and working on projects.  Happily, all the hard work paid off and I have a freezer full of home grown food and to-do list mostly got done.  My house and I are shaping up!

Card donations arrived in a trickle this summer/spring so I assumed that all of you were busy too.  Crafting seems like a fall/winter project.  Hopefully everyone is now enjoying a creative fall kick off like PGT is!  While your creativity and crafting is flowing, please make an extra card of each design and send it to PGT.  I will pass them on to the brave folks fighting cancer at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center.  They love receiving and sending your unique art!!!

Some very talented ladies have blessed PGT with a large box full of amazing card art!  Here’s a big “THANK YOU” to Diane Smith, her daughter Kristy and her sisters Donna, Nancy, Judy, and Kathy for their contributions sent from Newton WI (see photo below).   The picture of two adorable cards are from Kellie Cook’s jammed package, sent from Champaign, IL.  Kellie, your cards are also beautiful and so very welcome!  “THANK YOU” !!!

All of these cards bring smiles to patients and deliver messages of gratitude to doctors, nurses, family & friends.    The creativity and love that lay under every stamp, ribbon, bling and word generate feelings of hope, communication and support.  How wonderful that all PGT supporters have the ability to offer this to people who are working hard, and enduring much, to live.

Give thanks for a fall kick off and a winter full of hot chocolate, friends and colorful creativity!

Light as leaves, my many hugs are falling around your shoulders,


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