Give Thanks for loving reminders…

21 Nov

Give Thanks for loving reminders…

After Reading There Might Be an Infinite Number of Dimensions

by Martha Silano

I’m thinking today of how we hold it together,
arrive on time with the bottle of Zinfandel, a six-pack

of Scuttlebutt beer, how we cover our wrinkles
with Visible Lift, shove the mashed winter squash

into the baby’s mouth, how we hold it all together
despite clogged rain gutters, cracked

transmissions, a new explanation for gravity’s
half-hearted hold. I’m wondering how we do it,

comb the tangles from our hair, trim the unwieldy
camellia, speak to packed crowds about weight loss

or fractals. I’m wondering how we don’t
fall to our knees, knowing a hardened pea,

lodged in the throat, can kill, knowing
liquids are banned on all commercial flights.

Leaves fall. The baby sucks her middle fingers.
Meanwhile, the refrigerator acquires

an unexplainable leak. Meanwhile, we call
the plumber, open wide for the dental hygienist,

check each month, with tentative circlings,
our aging breasts. Somehow, each morning,

the coffee gets made. Somehow, each evening,
the crossing guard lifts fluorescent orange flag,

and a child and her father cross the glistening street.

Sonja here.  Four year old Bodhi and I are on Frontier’s “Thunder”, the Bison plane, returning to Colorado from Ohio.  I’m thinking, doesn’t waking up in one city and going to sleep in another really accentuate Martha Silano’s idea of living in different dimensions?  Ah, but that’s nothing like a day with cancer diagnosis, book club and packing for a trip to see your son graduate college.  Thursday, April 29th 2009 was like that for me, several disparate dimensions making up one day or an episode of Twilight Zone.

My “aging breasts” are gone so I don’t have to “check each month, with tentative circlings…”  but, You Do!  This poem and post are meant to lovingly remind you of that.  Next time you do check for lumps and abnormalities, do not act “tentatively”!   Act as though you expect to find something.  Search with intention and determination, even if it’s uncomfortable.  Believe that finding cancer is good.  Finding cancer is the mission.  Finding cancer can save your life!  Check this video out: and seek out others to keep informed.  Send it to friends.  They’ll love you for it.

No matter the dimension you’re in my hugs and gentle reminders will find-ya,


PS  Please send cards.  I know some really cool people who can use them while spending time in the chemo chair.

PS Thank you David for this poem.

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