Giving Thanks for today’s light…

22 Nov

Giving Thanks for today’s light…

The sun’s rising light promised a wonderful day and it was. Everything that comes with Thanksgiving: hugs, food, loved-ones, food, good laughs and pie, arrived as expected.  However, the evening’s light show came by way of a random act of kindness.  After nightfall I arrived home to find this…

Those holiday lights were not on my house a few hours before.  What a delightful surprise it was to see them!  Instantly, I knew that my dearest friend, David, had returned after dinner and hung them for me.  Wow!  Being treated to a special surprise warms a person for a long time. Benevolence does the same thing.

Hand-making beautiful thank you cards and gifting them to unsuspecting cancer survivors works that way; everyone experiences lasting warmth in their hearts.

Sincere and happy hugs,


PS  I didn’t see that trash can in front of my house.  Guess that’s why it’s sitting there ;-0

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