Give Thanks for time to digest…

23 Nov

Give Thanks for time to digest…

If you think this is my feast photo and that I’m going to yak about food…well, got you fooled!  Our turkey-day spread was mostly served out of “get it while it’s hot” casserole dishes, not these elegantly arranged bone china jobs.  So, Topic d’jour?  Digesting memories.

“Whew! Thanksgiving’s done now let’s get cracking on holiday shopping.”  Sound familiar?   When swinging from one “to-do” item to the next we miss an opportunity to build our “memory banks.”  So, today, or as soon as you can,        digest yesterday’s memories; any yesterday will do.

Journaling, scrapping with hot off the printer photos or retelling an event will more fully ingrain memories. They will last longer, be shared with more people, and be better understood.  Why did so-and-so talk so much at dinner?  What does that new job announcement mean for another?  Did I hear my daughter say she’s pregnant?  How did it feel being treated to a post-feast kitchen clean-up?  Ha-ha, got ya again.  Everyone will benefit when the family storyteller, You, takes time for this.  I wish it for you.

Pumpkin breath hugs chasin’ you,


PS   It’s a busy time of year, but maybe you could make a few thank you cards for our friends at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center.  Your compassion and generosity nurtures you and everyone else.  My deepest gratitude to all who read and support Project Give Thanks.

One Response to “Give Thanks for time to digest…”

  1. Michelle Zindorf November 26, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    Yummy! I give thanks for such a wonderful Sister. Love you!

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