Give Thanks for your consumer power!

6 Jan

Give Thanks for your consumer power!

buy organic

Hey there all of you wonderful card artists and cancer survivors.  Today, I’m reminding you that money is power and you have money-power.  “Me?” you say.  Yes, YOU!  Buying organic food is using your money-power to send a message: You want and deserve chemical free food!

Here is a fun video to watch and the “dirty dozen” list.  That’s a list of the 12 most chemical laden produce and the 12 cleanest ones.  This list has been around for many years and as far as I can tell no one  disputes it.  My tattered copy never leaves my wallet.    Food for though, y’all !

Check this out, the kids will like it too:

Squeaky clean hugs for sale at my produce booth, use your power-money and buy ya’s some.  Oh, shoot!  Save your money, for you they’re free!  Sonja

dirty dozen

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