Give thanks for Cindi Flass and her Mom…

17 Jan

imagesGive thanks for Cindi Flass and her Mom because they give beautiful, creative, hand stamped cards to their local cancer survivors too!  All of you can do the same!  It’s simple.  Find your local chemo treatment center and give them a call.  Tell them that you’d like to donate some cards for the good folks in the chemo room and the answer you’ll get is “great!”   Why the chemo room?  When people are there they feel better than usual because they have had time to rebound from the last treatment.  Also, because it takes about 4 hours to receive the treatment so there is time to browse through unique cards, think about all the people that are helping them (which lessens loneliness) and there is time to write a card or two.  It’s extra helpful if the envelopes have USP stamps on them (which I provide for PGT cards).

Here is a thank you card from Cindi’s blog “The Distracted Stamper.”   Her card makes me smile!  I imagine that the first penguin is helping carry the other through a “storm.”  That’s what doctors, friends, family and strangers do for cancer fighters.    So, if you have more cards/ fronts than you need, please send them to Cindi or me!   You and your cards are needed.


Warm Hugs to you from me,


2 Responses to “Give thanks for Cindi Flass and her Mom…”

  1. Cindi Flass January 17, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    You are so sweet! Your project has really inspired me and I love making the thank you cards. I love your interpretation of my card. Now that you mentioned that I may have to do more with that stamp:) Hopefully we can inspire others to keep this going. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration.

  2. Project Give Thanks January 17, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

    Cindi, together, and with help, we can plant the seed that will grow interest in supplying free, creative, handmade cards to folks fighting cancer. Thank you! Sonja

    PS Thanks for the comment, I don’t get many which makes me feel like I’m writing to/for myself.

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