Give Thanks for Cards of a Different Kind

27 Jan

Give thanks for cards of a different kind…

Photo by Kyle K

Photo by Kyle K

All of us, supporting Project Give Thanks, are doing a wonderful job sharing unused greeting cards to help cancer patients express their gratitude, birthday wishes and other thoughts.  Hurray for us and our recipients!

Here is a story about someone helping cancer patients with a different kind of unused card: gift cards.

“Emily Thomas of Collierville TN isn’t doing cancer research, running marathons, raising awareness or helping to pay the medical bills of people with cancer.

Her effort is much smaller. She gives those with cancer an experience given to her — an experience that has stayed with her for years after she herself battled the disease.

“When I was receiving treatments, friends of ours gave us a gift card to a Mexican restaurant where we could have a nice dinner,” Thomas said.

The gift meant a lot to her. So much so that when longtime family friend was diagnosed with bladder cancer, she duplicated her experience and encouraged others to do the same through Facebook and Twitter. These small gifts brightened her friend’s life and enabled him and his family to do things without the worry of the price.

After his passing in 2011, Emily had an idea. What if she could do this for more people, even if its people she doesn’t even know.

“It was a crazy idea. I didn’t really have a plan. I just bought a domain name, set up a website and spent a lot of time on social media,” she said. “For my 40th birthday I asked people to give gift cards that I could send to people with cancer.”

That was the beginning of Emily’s program which has already donated $45,000.00+ to cancer patients!  If you have an unused gift card, consider sending it to Emily.  “The Cancer Card Xchange is a 501c3 tax-exempt charity.  CCX collects monetary and gift card donations and then distributes gift cards to verified cancer patients simply to brighten their day.  Please consider donating unused gift cards that may have gone unused – since 2005, the TowerGroup research firm estimates, about $41 billion worth of money on gift cards has gone unclaimed.” (quotes from Raina Hanna for The Commercial Appeal and the CCX site)

Gift cards may be mailed to:
Emily T. Thomas
The Cancer Card Xchange
PO Box 1004
Collierville, TN 38027
Or for online gift card orders:
Emily T. Thomas
The Cancer Card Xchange
1772 Cypress Springs Lane
Collierville, TN 38017
Direct questions to

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