Give Thanks for having a reason to learn…

21 Feb
Tod's Espresso Cafe

Tod’s Espresso Cafe

I’m at Tod’s Espresso Cafe, just a few blocks from my house.  The music is a little loud.  Conversations, clinking silverware and grinding machines are distracting too but all in a muffled, warm coffee scented way.  I’m cozy and about to focus on a book: “Teach Yourself  Visually -Wordpress” by Janet Majure.  I found it in the library and am thrilled to have some free help with this blog.  Mostly though, I’m thankful for having the blog as in impetus to learn something new.

I remember back in the 80’s when my husband brought our first computer home; an adorable clear and blue triangular Apple desktop.  I wanted to learn everything about it but word processing was all I needed. When there’s no reason to learn, we can miss out on many possibilities.  Today,  I’m reading the WordPress book to make Project Give Thanks a better, bigger, more noticeable blog.  Bonus… it could possibly make me a bit smarter and more job worthy.

What’s happening in your life that’s egging you on to learn something new?  One of Michelle’s daily art tutorials perhaps? (link below)  If so, please send some of your new creations to the good folks fighting cancer at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center via PGT.  Everyone gives thanks when you do.

Chocolate-chip banana muffin scented hugs comin’ your way,


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