Give Thanks for the arrival of cards!

21 Feb
Val Johnson

Val Johnson

Val Johnson (outside)

Val Johnson (outside)

This week brought beautiful cards and cards promised.  Val Johnson of Zeeland, MI sent ADORABLE cards which I will deliver tomorrow if it stops snowing.  These are two of my favorites.

The day after receiving Val’s package I received a call from Florida.  Couldn’t help thinking “solicitor” but it wasn’t!  Amy (sorry, didn’t catch her last name) was calling to say that she saw Project Give Thanks mentioned on my sister’s (Michelle Zindorf”s) blog.  Yay!  Amy is going to send cards a-n-d put the word out for others to do so too.  Wow, PGT needs help like that.  Thank You Amy and Val!

Speaking of Michelle… Val writes from her snowed in state, “Don’t know what I’d do without Michelle’s tutorials, really brightens my day every time there’s a new card there.”  There’s a shout out for ya Sista.

I’m off to spend the rest of this snowy day assembling card fronts and backs.  That’s my level of talent in a nut shell.  I appreciate all of you who keep me busy this way.  Keeps me out of the pool halls.

Many appreciative hugs coming your way,


PS  Awesome tutorials found here…

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