Give Thanks for a Box of Good Stories…

26 Feb
perfect mailing box

perfect mailing box

Sometimes I just can’t believe what arrives along with your beautiful cards!  Theresa Quintana, who lives just a few towns over from me, in Arvada, CO, had a stamping class recently.  She hosted 13 artists ranging in age from 7 to 60.  They each made 4 different cards styles, 52 cards, for the folks fighting cancer at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center.  As if that was not enough, they also sent a $35.00 donation!  That was so unexpected because donating time, materials, creativity and postage is very generous in and of itself.  I thank Theresa, her stamping class and all of you for your loving support.

There were some other things in Theresa’s card box: stories.

Story #1 Big Eyes and a Good Laugh:  Bodhi, my 4 yr. old grandson, helped me open the box and the personal letter Theresa enclosed.  I read the letter aloud and showed him the cash donation and his eyes about popped out of his lil’ fuzzy head, “quick Oma open all of those cards to get the money” he said.  I had to show him several of the cards before he was convinced they were empty.  Of course most cards he receives have money in them so why wouldn’t he expect to find money in all 52 cards?  😉

Story #2  A Box of Solutions:  I’ve been thinking about the Wednesday afternoon get-togethers hosted at the Rocky Mt. Cancer Center for patients feeling well enough to attend; I enjoyed them during my fight.  RMCC brings in musicians, speakers, jewelry makers, makeup artists and more.  It’s a fun, relaxing time for people to chat and compare stories and information.  A real morale booster.  So, I was thinking about expanding PGT to include occasional Wednesday afternoon card making events at RMCC.  Perhaps people would enjoy making some of their own thank you cards.  I wasn’t sure how to go about this because I’d need more tools and supplies to share.  Also, I couldn’t decide how to organize the class.  Well,  this cash donation will buy another paper cutter, paper and glue and Theresa’s class has given me a clue about organization.  She ( I assume) had 4 card “patterns” made and several choices of coordinating paper, ink, stamps and bling for individual creativity.  It worked great!  These cards are similar but so unique!  Now, I think I have what it takes to host a fun, manageable card party.  Wish me luck.

Story #3  Dropped It :   A dear friend, Beth, gave me blueish-purple, sparkly, dangling earrings a few years ago. Like Beth herself, I adore them.   Unfortunately, I didn’t get some of those little plastic earring stoppers for the backs.  Taking a gamble, I wore them anyway and lost one.  Ugh!  I was sooo bummed.  Then a few days ago Beth returned from Santiago Chile and brought me another amazing pair of earrings.   Double Ugh.  I felt so unworthy.   Well…  One the Theresa’s cards dropped out of my hands and landed pointing right at that lost earring hiding in the fringe of a multicolor rug.  WooHoo!  As soon as I get those earring backs, I’m going to wear the heck out of both pairs.

Story time is over, now take a look at some of the beautiful cards PGT received.  Our snow will stop tomorrow and I will happily deliver them.

Listen, everyone, for my story filled hugs comin’ your way,


For You

For You



A Cup of Thanks

A Cup of Thanks

Thinking of You rain or shine

Thinking of You rain or shine

5 Responses to “Give Thanks for a Box of Good Stories…”

  1. Theresa Quintana February 26, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    Love all the stories that came with our simple box of cards–extra blessings! Let me know if you need anything else for those card classes you are planning. I have lots of supplies I could donate. xoxo

  2. Michelle Zindorf February 27, 2013 at 3:28 am #


    Michelle Zindorf Stampin’ Up Demonstrator 937-344-1312 15353 Eaton Pike West Alexandria, Ohio 45381 Order Stampin’ Up 24/7 online from my website at:

  3. lori lyman October 29, 2013 at 5:59 pm #

    Aloha Sonja,
    I sent a huge box of cards and stuff a few weeks ago. I hope that you are doing well. Please post and let me know if you are still accepting card donations! I would love to send you more!

    • Project Give Thanks October 29, 2013 at 9:22 pm #

      Lori, yes, I did get the huge box of cards and I believe some other goodies too. I’m so sorry I didn’t contact you sooner. PGT website had to be renewed and I was hesitating to do that because it costs $100 and because I haven’t been very active on it. I finally did renew and wrote a blog but haven’t posted it yet. I owe several thanks and am missing one of the names… Good grief I need to get it together.

      I sure am still faithfully delivering cards and new people receive them just about every time. It seems that there are more men in the chemo room lately. I mean to ask why.

      I hope that you and your family are doing well.

      Lori, are you a stampin’ up demonstrator? I’ve just signed on as one and feel a little overwhelmed. My sister just signed 12 new demonstrator so she’s a little overwhelmed too. ;-).

      Okay, it’s past time to put my grandson to bed. Gotta go.

      Many hugs and thank you very, very much for donating your beautiful work.


      Using my phone, please excuse brevity & errors. Thanks, Sonja


      • lori lyman November 18, 2013 at 11:51 am #

        Hi Sonja!
        No, I’m not a SU demonstrator – although I’ve been known to buy a lot! Congrats on signing up! I am looking forward to seeing samples of your cards!
        Hugs back to you for all your wonderful work!

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