Give Thanks for Card Ministries…

18 Nov

My Sister shocked me recently.  This wasn’t the kind of static electric shock we used to zap each other with, it was a shocking comment.  Michelle wrote on my last post that I should keep up my card ministry.  Wow!  The word ministry seemed a bit grandiose for Project Give Thanks’ simple mission of supplying creative homemade cards to cancer patients.  I’d always thought of ministry as a religious trek to a far off land…  But, my Sis is right, WE are tending to the needs of others and that’s what ministering is all about.  Yay Us!  Oh, but we’re not the only one’s using cards to minister.  Check this out…


The folks at Whimseybox in Boulder, CO did some card ministry too… “We dove right into the glitter and glue and by the end of the night we had almost 200 cards for Meels on Wheels of Boulder along with some generous donations.


We had a great turnout and made some new friends as well. It’s amazing the fun that ensues when a bunch of crafty folks congregate. Becky Hensley and Anne Davidson are cofounders of Share Denver. Becky also runs an group called Denver Craft Ninjas which is a monthly meet up of women who are diehard DIYers. These ladies are passionate about cultivating a community of learning, sharing and crafting. We love them for that!


Meals on Wheels of Boulder will take all of our card creations and distribute them, along with nutritious meals, to members of the community to promote independent, healthy living. We hope to spread some cheer this holiday season and what better way to bring good tidings than with a handmade card with a special note inside.”


In addition to confirming our belief that cards are tools of healing, this story reminds us that working in groups is fun and super productive.  Let’s do it!  Gather round some friends and family to make cards or card fronts and share them with people who are fighting for their lives and good health.

Group Hugs everyone!


Thanks to David Roederer for sending this story to me.  Mmmwah!

2 Responses to “Give Thanks for Card Ministries…”

  1. Theresa Q. November 18, 2013 at 8:24 am #

    So awesome!!

  2. Alison November 18, 2013 at 10:59 am #


    Thanks for sharing the Whimseybox card making event with your readers. We had a fun and festive gathering of talented people who care about their community and love crafting. It was a win win! We made some new friends and Meals on Wheels can spread a little holiday cheer along with their nutritious meals. Keep up the good work and have wonderful holiday season.

    Your friends and Whimseybox

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