Running Behind Schedule but in Front of Procrastination

23 Oct
Sorry, I'm running behind.

Sorry, I’m running behind.

Dear Friends,

Fear Not! Project Give Thanks volunteers and I have been making cards, building cards from card fronts and delivering cards! There are three chemo treatment facilities receiving cards for their patients and everyone loves and appreciates them!  Bravo YOU Bravo!

On my last visit to the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center I offered the newly filled wicker box of cards to an elderly man and noticed how he gently looked at each one. I didn’t see him take one though. We met up a little while later and walked out the doors together. He was using a wheeled walker and said he was driving himself home even though he’d just received chemo treatments. I offered him assistance but he said he was used to being on his own and could handle it. Ugh, I wish I could have helped in some way. As I looked back over my shoulder to see him get his walker in the car I noticed a bag strapped to the front of it and a card peeking out. WE had helped him! He is sending, what I recognized as, a birthday card to somebody he loves and that person will respond (one would hope anyway). Our cards are helping Cancer Survivors, their family, friends and medical team! Thank you, ALL of you, for donating to Project Give Thanks!

Speaking of “Thank You”… while I’ve been focused elsewhere PGT has received many wonderful donations! I can’t remember all of them or put them into order, which is what I’d like to do.

Marcia Coddington of Springboro, OH sent money that bought 5 packs of envelopes. Ann Key of Louisville, CO donated white card stock and envelopes along with her many hours of volunteer time making cards. Jan Bruzewski of Estes Park, CO sent a package of fully made cards. Marla Halligan, from my downline, made a large package of cards and is having a card making weekend with her family where she’ll make many more PGT cards!  I couldn’t do this without you all, thank you!

Jan Bruzewski Thanks!

Jan Bruzewski sample

Marla Halligan - Thanks!

Marla Halligan – sample

Wish I could show every card that cancer patients have access to, they are so very beautiful and fun!

Autumn Colored Hugs,

If you’d like to see my tutorials go to just remember I’m still learning the ropes.

One Response to “Running Behind Schedule but in Front of Procrastination”

  1. Sue Whitney October 25, 2014 at 6:38 am #

    Sonja – Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! You’ve done a lot your first year. I’m so impressed with your Project Give Thanks! Enjoy your second year in the “business”. Hope to see you next year at convention. Sue Whitney (aka San Juan Sue)

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