You Just Wouldn’t Believe What Came Out of This Box!

21 Nov

PS  Terri Sandoval DID make every one of the hundreds of cards she sent to PGT and the patients who enjoy them so very much!…


Beauty, Creativity, Effort, Money, and LOVE came out of this box! Enjoy looking at some of it. There are only a few cards left because cancer patients have already selected beautiful cards to show their feelings and they’ve sent them off to their loved ones, nurses, doctors, neighbors and church members.

Terri Sandoval, did you make all of these cards?!  Please send me a comment answer.

Terri Sandoval, did you make all of these cards?! I suspect that you did.  Please send me a “comment” answer.

IMG_6488 IMG_6490 IMG_6491 IMG_6493 IMG_6494 IMG_6495

I believe Terri Sandoval sent these cards, I know she made many of them because her name was on the back of them. Hey Terri, send me the names of anyone who helped you. I’d sure like to say “THANK YOU!” to all of you!

Ziplock baggies full of hugs comin’ your way everyone!

Please Send Cards!




4 Responses to “You Just Wouldn’t Believe What Came Out of This Box!”

  1. Terri (Blindstamper) November 21, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    I (Terri Sandoval) did make all of this box. It makes me feel good to send them somewhere to be used, and it made me feel great to open my email and see pics of the cards. If I have help on the next box I’ll include their info. You made my day, and if only a few of those make someone else’s, it is worth it.

    • Sonja Knaisch November 21, 2014 at 12:30 pm #


      Thank you for responding. I’ve been upset with myself for not knowing where my information on your package is. Please forgive me for not thanking you and posting your wonderful cards immediately. You carried PGT for at lease a month with your card donations! Also, I am using several of your cards as examples for our volunteers to follow when we make cards. Terri you have touched so many people! From them and the rest of us, “Thank You!”

      Hugs, Sonja

  2. katboulder November 21, 2014 at 8:00 pm #

    What a wonderful gift you’re giving to those who are so deserving. I’m proud to know you. I’ll share your mission with all my card making friends. I know they will want to help spread the love. Kitty

    • Sonja Knaisch November 23, 2014 at 11:09 am #

      Hi Kitty,
      Thank you for this sweet compliment, for visiting my PGT blog and especially for spreading the word. I look forward to seeing you again real soon! Hugs, Sonja

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