“Dear Card Angel(s)”

19 Mar

This post comes from a fan of YOURS! Your card donations are indeed a way to “pass it on” and create a circle of gratitude! Thank you from me too!


Wing fluttering, angel hugs to you,

More Than Three From Lee Mae! (correction post)

29 Jan
May Lee's dear friends

May Lee’s dear friends who each have a blanket filled box to rest in and watch Lee Mae from so her blog’s name is “boxes of dogs”  I Love It!

Lee Mae Elkins of Silverdale, WA sent Project Give Thanks more than three of EACH of these BEAUTIFUL cards; totaling 160 cards! WooHoo! Boy, the West Coast sure did get my high-pitched “we’re out of cards” stress-vibe or maybe they read it in the blog 😉 Anyway, PGT now has enough cards for February (+) and there are promises of more cards to come from our many devoted card artists. THANK YOU May Lee and Everyone who has donated in the past or who is working on donating in the future.

Before you look at these fantastic cards (you didn’t peek did you?); meet Lee Mae. Here are parts of an email she sent me…

“I am an avid card maker! I make cards for various charities: Operation Write Home, Splitcoast Stampers Cards for a Cause, Send a Smile 4 Kids, and whatever pops up from time to time. And now I have added Project Give Thanks to my list!

I have started another box for your wonderful charity and I will add seasonal, holiday, and more birthday cards to it besides just thank you cards. For the next box I hope to have more characters that I’ve colored included too. It really is a good feeling to know that the people looking at our cards can take such comfort from them, so I’m really inspired to make more cards!”

“… I do have a blog, though I haven’t been posting as much lately. It’s boxesofdogs.blogspot.com My little chihuahuas are 17 years old and are requiring a lot of care. One has doggie dementia. My Pomeranian passed away last year in March, but I’ve left her photo up because I know she’s watching from above. Some of my days are a bit sad because my little friends are getting close to leaving me, but my card making helps since I can create something, so all is good.”

Mae Lee, my heart goes out to you and your lil’ friends. In the last two years, my family and I said good-bye to our labradors, Maya and Zena, so I can feel your sadness and am sorry that you are experiencing these deep losses. Like you, the people who read this blog have loving and generous hearts, I’m sure they all wish you well too.  Most of us use our artistic work to raise our spirits and take a mental vacation, this is where our gratitude comes in.  We are grateful for the many spiritual, fun, expressive benefits that making cards brings.

Finally, everyone can feast on the beauty and creative ideas brought to us from Lee Mae.

Hey All, A “box of Hugs” are comin’ your way!


Cool Collage Cards from Cool, California

28 Jan

As promised, here is a few more of Mary Middendorf’s great cards.  Enjoy!  Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention that Mary also sent two packs of Stampin’ Up paper for PGT to use.  We really needed it. Thanks again Mary!











I hope they made you smile too!


Mary Middendorf’s Card Art and Generosity…

27 Jan

Hello Everyone!

Been missing’ ya but, I didn’t post last week because I had sad news, in short, No Cards! The boxes at the cancer center were empty and my card production was but a trickle. Little did I know, all of that was about to change BIG TIME!

20140719_080530 - Version 2

Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, Mary Middendorf of Cool, California (95614 if you’ve never heard of “Cool”) sent a box of well over 250 cards!!! Every single one was unique and spectacular in it’s own way. Don’t have to take my word for it, look at a small sample here…

Along with these beauties there were cards for every holiday and season. Mary made them to teach others how to create handmade cards. There were cards from as far back as 2009. I know this because Mary dates her cards. They were in pristine condition because she stores each one in clear envelopes. Some even had the instructions posted on the back. These are things I aspire to. Mary isn’t only a generous, caring person she’s also a darn good demonstrator role model!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you Mary’s collage & vintage cards which I particularly love and hope to make one day. Then, on Wednesday, I’ll show you what arrived in this box…

Lee Mae Elkins' box of 160 cards arrived yesterday!  Show ya later...

Lee Mae Elkins’ box of 160 cards arrived yesterday! Show ya later…

PGT has gone from Famine to Feast! Thank you Mary and Lee Mae. Your heartwarming generosity arrived just in time. Rocky Mountain Cancer patients and I already are experiencing joy from your art. That goes for each and every one of you who have put your precious art into the hands of folks who are experiencing uncertain, painful, and often lonely times. You are helping them stay connected to the people who love them and are there for them. Bravo!

A Feast of Hugs comin’ your way,

Free Tutorials for You…

20 Jan
"Thoreau's Butterflies"

“Thoreau’s Butterflies”

Hello Everyone,

I wonder if all of you know that I have a second blog that offers free tutorials.  I’m not a high pressure Stampin’ Up demonstrator so my blog is friendly and fun to look at.  Please leave a comment if you don’t find it that way.  I always appreciate constructive comments and just love it when someone shares my blogs or hits the “like” button.

You are of course invited to subscribe to both blogs.  Click HERE and you’ll find today and yesterday’s posts on making cards featuring butterflies.  If you like what you see please subscribe to the blog (on the right side) and the post will be emailed to you.  What I would ask in return is for you to make a few cards for Project Give Thanks.  Cards are needed badly now; as in there are only a hand full in one box.

Okay, that’s my plea for today.  I hope the rest of your day is free of beggars 😉

Many needy hugs,


Meet Project Give Thanks contributor Cathy Douglas

18 Jan
Cathy Douglas and her youngest grandchild.

Cathy Douglas and her youngest granddaughter

Hello Everyone.  I’d like you to meet one of PGT’s most dedicated contributors, Cathy Douglas of Boulder County, CO.  I asked Cathy if she would tell us about herself, family and love of stamping.  Here’s the wonderful reply I received.
“About my stamping….
        I probably started back in the dark ages…24+ years ago…before computers, and internet were mainstream in homes. My husband was in the Air Force for 20 years, and I’d see a few stamps at craft shows, etc. It depended on where we were stationed as to what was available craft-wise. My 3 kids and I would “make” thank you notes, etc. for fun. Occasionally, I’d find a book…like those by Dee Gruenig! Exciting! Don’t remember ever seeing cardstock available…we used large unlined index cards. Nice to have so more stamps and papers to use today…cards look a whole lot nicer too! 🙂
    Stamps and products have evolved and now, I’m sure I have way too much. It’s a type of therapy too, right?  Since moving back home to Colorado (we grew up here), I joined 2 stamp groups. One group makes trading cards, which I have saved for many years. I have been using many of the traders to make cards. I thought someone else might as well be enjoying them. These two clubs have served as a source of inspiration and learning, as we share our knowledge, our trials and triumphs! Plus, it’s great time to visit with friends.
    I find lots inspiration on the internet, blogs, Pinterest, demonstrators, and Splitcoast Stampers. Seems that most of the magazines are disappearing. There are so many talented card makers out there, so it’s easy to find ideas. I really like watercolor, so hope it stays around a long time.
    I have way too many hobbies, and not enough time…stained glass, crafting, sewing and quilting, gardening, photography, paper crafting, etc. There are still so many things to learn and try. We are lucky to have 2 of our 3 children close by, and 2 fun grand daughters! We also love to hike, ski, and ride our bikes.
  …Thank you for taking your time to do this service for cancer patients. I’m sure you will never know the full impact of your service! Take care and have a good weekend! Go Broncos!  Cathy”
These photos are of Cathy’s latest card donations and every one of them is a beauty!

Thank you Cathy and Thank you to all of YOU!  Project Give Thanks depends on generous people like you and Cathy to keep uplifting the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center’s cancer patients.

To each of you I’m sending my hugs of gratitude,


I Brag Too Much…

16 Jan

Hey Friends, check out today’s Stampin’ From My House To Yours blog post.