Cancer Survivor Comments

Project Give Thanks is a huge success! Rocky Mountain Cancer Survivors simply loves it and they Give Thanks to all of YOU!

Every Monday I visit the infusion room and there are usually only 3 or 4 cards left. It takes me forever to refill the box because I have to look at and appreciate each card. My good will is tested as I give these beauties away !  The chemo patients give so many heartfelt compliments on the cards and the generous artists who made them. They often say they can’t believe that people from all over the country care so much that they would make these beautiful cards for them. Americans are good, loving, supportive, and empathetic people – Stamp Artists are all of that on steroids!!! Hundreds of donated beautiful, creative, expensive cards are proof of that!

PGT now includes the support groups for newly diagnosed and young cancer survivors and the lymphedema support group. That means that some of these cards will be used to inform family and friends of a new diagnosis. If texture, color, ribbons and bows, tearing, stamping and gluing can make that message go a little easier for both the sender and the recipient, so be it! We’ll all Give Thanks.

I wish I could show all you generous card donors, the happy face of a chemo patient while she or he is looking at these cards! They momentarily forget about the chemicals dripping into their veins, the beeping machines and how bad they’ll soon feel. Instead they are busy marveling at the card’s beauty and the creative people who made them. They think about the people in their life that they have to thank. They smile, laugh and give thanks for the generosity of strangers! It is so powerful.

Please help me contact your stamp-art community.  They are wonderful people and I need their help supplying cards to equally wonderful Cancer Survivors.  Please spread the word about Project Give Thanks.  At my pace of stamping three bees an hour (see My Story) you know how long it would take me to make enough cards for the project.  This is an ongoing project and so far we have gifted between 200 – 300 cards.  Let’s say 250 and I’ll begin a real count today.

Love and Hug You,


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