Card Artist Comments

“…We will put all those at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center on our prayer list at our Bible Study Group.  Thank you for allowing me to help in some small way.”

“I am a Colon Cancer survivor of ten years.  I know how it feels to be fighting such a terrible disease… Creating greeting cards has been my mainstay more than five years now.  I find such joy in making available a bit of happiness and humor for those now going through the same process.”

“Your message [on Michelle’s blog] hit close to my heart!  I am a 20-time breast cancer survivor.  Thank you for allowing me to contribute to Project Give Thanks in my small way!”

“Love reading your blog.  Glad you’re getting such a good response from all over the country.”

“I too am … a cancer surviver (20 years). Like most long-time stampers, I have accumulated lots of extra cards, and can’t think of a better cause to send them to.”

“As a uterine cancer survivor, I know the challenges, emotions, and resulting gratitude that comes as part of that process.  Thank you for doing something so wonderful with your experience!”

“What an awesome idea, my mum is a survior of which I thank God every day…”

“What a nice thing to do. I’ll get right on this as soon as I can…I am also a member of Chemo Angels which is another wonderful way to help chemo patients and I love being a card angel for them. God bless chemo patients everywhere.”

“Count me in! I plan on doing this in memory of my Mom who lost her battle to breast cancer 17 years ago.”

“What a wonderful idea! My mom is a 3 year breast cancer survivor. I went thru all of her treatments with her….it is certainly a time to think, reflect, and many times a “heart-change” takes place. I will be truely honored to make cards and send out to you all….I live in Indiana….I will start on this soon!”

“Count me in… best friends husband is battling cancer as we speak……I plan to give cards at an infusion room here in Victoria , Texas, too.”

“What a fabulous gesture to give back and a great idea to help use those stacks of cards being made!”

Michelle what a wonderful message from your sister, and how closely it has touched me. I currently have 2 good friends survivors and fighters of cancer… after reading this message it gives me a new reason to Give Thanks for having learned to stamp. I will do my best to contribute with your sister’s project, but I will also use it as an inspiration to stamp for my good friends.”

“... This sounds like a wonderful way for stampers to share their talents.”

‘I would like to go a different direction with your idea and make a pack of cards for each of my friends who are currently battling.”

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