Card Contributor Names


Kellie Cook of Champagne, IL

Diane Smith, her daughter Kristy and sisters Donna, Nancy, Judy & Kathy; Newton, WI

Joann Spicer of Kansas City, MO

Jeannie Kenney of Freeport, IL (plus $10 for envelopes)

Kellie Cook of Champaign, IL

Michelle Zindorf of West Alexanderia, OH

Valory Johnson of Zeeland, MI

Heather Lewis of Apo, AE

Jo Spicer of Kansas City, MO

Valory Johnson of Zeeland , MI

Eileen Esposito of Westminster, CO

Flo Jones of Phoenix, AZ

Lori Ikehara-Lyman of Honolulu, HI

Valory Johnson of Zeeland, MI

Corina Stewart of Zuid Holland Rijswijk the Netherlands

Phyllis Jachowski and the Cards for a Cause Group from Kaiserslautern Military Community in Ramstein Germany 8/11

Lori Ikehara-Lyman of Honolulu, HI

Virginia Pender  of Costa Mesa, CA

Gloria Hinkens of Newport Beach, CA

Carla Suto of Chapel Hill, NC

Karen Rondeau and the “North River Starfish Stampers” of Bradenton, FL

Valory Johnson of Zeeland, MI

Dianne Spagnuolo of Hackensack NJ

Jenny Fulton of Grand Rapids, MN

Lynn Lang and her monthly stamp club meeting friends

Sheri Petrucci and the “Stuck on Stamping” group

Lynn Lang 6/11 Orion, IL
Linde Schwartz 6/11 Waunakee, WI
Sheri Petrocci 6/11 Eynon, PA
Frances Rodriguez 6/11 Kissimmee, FL
Kim Stark 6/11 Surrey, BC Canada
Kristy San Sovcie 6/11 Alva, OK

Kim Mozina 5/12/11 Gurnee, IL

Sandi Comparato 5/11/11 Daytona Beach, Fl

Carol E. Carpenter 4/30/11 Indialantic, FL

Anne Crawford & Stampin Up group 4/26/11 Germantown, MD

Ruth Fox and Marcy Christensen 4/25/11 Gilbert, AZ

Laura Stimler 4/21/11 Sharpsburg, GA

Bonnie Shafie 4/15/11 Casselberry, FL

Bev Bishop 4/11/11 Grabill, IN

Michelle Zindorf 4/8/11 West Alexandria, OH

Joanna Ellett & Club Members 4/8/11 Lawrence, KS

Martha Knowles 4/7/11 Rison, AR

Valory Johnson 4/6/11 Zeeland, MI

Gloria Hinkens & Virginia Pender 4/1/11 Costa Mesa & Newport Beach, CA

Posh McIntosh & Katrina Hall March,11 Sun Valley, CA

Jenny Fulton 3/31/11 Grand Rapids, MN

Jean Cross 3/31/11 Brooksville, FL

Cam Cao 3/31/11 Raleigh, NC

Sally Bailey 3/30/11 Massillon, OH

Crystal Crews 3/23/11 Plainfield, IN

Terri Sandoval 3/23/11 Wilmington, OH

Joanne Brooker 3/23/11 Kings Langley Australia

Theresa Quintana 3/17/11 Arvada, CO

Kathy Harsch, Jan, Karen, Yvonna, Joan, Ann and Janice!  3/16/11 Marquette, MI

Valory Johnson 3/16/11 Zeeland MI

Brenda Evans 3/13/11 Lakewood CO

Lydia Hammel 3/11/11 Ergolding Germany

Linda Patti 3/?/11

Mrs. Patty Marchinonno 3/11/2011 Gainesville FL

Michelle Zindorf  3/9/2011 West Alexandria, OH

Sonja Knaisch 3/8/11 Boulder, CO


Theresa Quintana 2/25/13 Arvada – class of 13 artists


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