Project Give Thanks is an easy and fun way to support cancer patients. Use your favorite hobby, crafting, to provide thank you cards for patients to use. Cancer fighters use them to thank loved ones, medical staff, and support teams. Birthday and holiday cards are greatly appreciated too! Men, Women and some teens use these cards. Sign the back and mention what city you live in, if you wish. Recipients love to know who made their card to better experience your long distance compassion.

CREATE BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE CARDS /envelopes FOR CANCER SURVIVORS TO USE: Quarter cards, 4.25ʺ″ x 5.5ʺ″ are preferred if I’m to supply the envelope. Card fronts welcome!

SEND THE CARDS AND ENVELOPES TO: Sonja Knaisch; 7184 Glacier View Road; Longmont, CO 80503; 720-341-3829. Please send email address with your card donation. ( I WON’T SHARE IT!). Contact me anytime.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN CANCER CENTER CARD DELIVERY: is handled by yours truly, Sonja.

SUBSCRIBE TO PGT’s BLOG: I write a small blog to inspire gratitude, as a gift for your participation. I could make the cards myself (I often do) but it takes me hours! Ask my famous card artist sister, Michelle Zindorf. She’ll be happy to embarrass me with the “bee” story. Check her out at http:// Her tutorials are fabulous!

TELL ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE: share stories and pictures about making cards. I’ll post them on the PGT blog.

Please, FEATURE PROJECT GIVE THANKS ON YOUR BLOG, CARD SITE, OR FACE BOOK. The group of card artists supporting PGT are mighty but small. Please help us grow!

YOUR OWN “PROJECT GIVE THANKS”: really excited about this idea? Adopt a chemotherapy location, near you, I will support your PGT efforts.

PROVIDE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND EMAIL: please include them in your package of donated cards. I promise not to share your information with anyone!

I sincerely and deeply thank you,



3 Responses to “PROJECT GIVE THANKS: How It Works”

  1. KathyK. March 11, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    Hi Sonya – sounds like an excellent idea to support!! I’ll gather some cards and get them in the mail to you.

    • Project Give Thanks March 21, 2011 at 4:13 am #

      Thank you so much Kathy. Your support is greatly appreciated. I’ll look for your package.


  2. Sue Christian - in Australia September 16, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    Hi Sonja, this project has reached Australia. We have ‘adopted’ an oncology day ward at one of our local hospitals to do this at (it was a little easier for us to send cards to it safely than to get them to you). It has caught on well & as we’ve had several girls who’ve had cancer, go through there, who would have loved to have had something like this, we feel more inspired.
    I’m having my first card making afternoon this weekend for a group of us to make a big batch, to help out as a way of giving back, in remembrance of my dear Dad. Thank you for starting this & for the wonderful gift that it gives us to give the fighters & survivors.

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