Give Thanks for the three “R’s.”

17 Aug

Give Thanks for the three “R’s.”  You know, rest, relaxation and r-wine.  No, really, it’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle I’m talkin’ ’bout.

This card was sent by Jenny Fulton who said “Please include these cards in Project Give Thanks.  They were all made by stampers who attended the 2010 SU convention.  (I just added the backs.)  I roomed with your sister at the convention – What fun!”

First, sorry Jenny, if Michelle snored.  You know, sometimes…  😉  Otherwise she is a hoot to room with and I do it as often as I can.  Secondly, you have discovered the seed that grew Project Give Thanks.  I’d seen Michelle’s wonderful card fronts she’d collected at conventions and other gatherings.  They mostly sat in a box after she’d studied and admired them.  We discussed how storing them was a waste of beautiful artistic talent and effort.  Then I went through Cancer treatments and noticed how many cards I sent.  Store bought cards didn’t feel special enough to send to people who saved my life!  After healing a bit, and getting my mind back, I put the box of card fronts together with the need that Cancer Survivors have for really special cards!  That’s when Project Give Thanks was born.  I started with a huge box of card fronts that Michelle donated.

Anyone who has a collection of cards fronts sitting in a box can do as Jenny did and put backs on them, pair with an envelope and send them in for Cancer Survivors to use!  It’s a fantastic way to REUSE a goldmine of creativity!  More reuse ideas… Often artists include a detached sheet in the card to be written on.  Some Survivors have noticed this and like how the the card can be reused.   Also, many artists reuse found items and paper scraps in their creations.  The “reusing” doesn’t end there.  I reuse or RECYCLE the boxes and packing that the cards are sent in.  The ziplock bags are pulling double duty everywhere in my house!   “Bing” I’ve just thought of something… there is a new small shop that mails organic chocolates (how did I know this?) and they probably could use some free packaging…

So, there’s Reusing and Recycling going on with PGT, what about Reducing?  Well, think about all of the effort, time and travel (gas/carbon) we’re saving Cancer Survivors by delivering the cards they NEED right to them!  I always group my errands to prevent a special trip to Boulder so we’re not even generating extra fumes for delivery. Hot Damn!  Oh, I do get so excited about the environmental stuff.  It’s the social police in me 😉

Oops, gone on too long.

Give thanks for the reuse of card fronts and the successful project they led us to.

Sending a renewable hug to each of you!





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