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Love to Double Dip on Sales? Well, Here You Go!

22 Oct

Just when you NEED (time’s-a-flyin’) to get your Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, Hanukkah, Christmas cards and home decor ready, Stampin’ Up has given you two sales to help!


SALE ENDS 11:55 PM THIS FRIDAY OCTOBER THE 23RD SO CALL ME! Note: Stampin’ Up phones close at 5:50 pm mountain time Friday. CLICK IMAGE

AND…to double dip…Here’s a bonus 3% in hostess dollars starting at the $150 merchandise order level.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.18.58 PM



I’m thinking about CASEing (a word for coping with the artists blessings) this card…

MY XMAS CARDCard by Carol Payne

My crafting space is open tonight and tomorrow after 6:00p.m. so give me a call if want to drop in to see some of our holiday goodies in action.  720-341-3829

Hugs, Sonja

More Kindergarten Antics

6 Sep

Good Sunday Afternoon Everyone,

Hope all of you are enjoying a labor free weekend (yes, I know what the holiday’s for). For me, I’m sitting in the Apple store learning, again, how to edit videos.  I look like a wet dog because I raced out of the shower to make my early appointment.  It was worth the rush because I’m starting to remember what I knew before my summer break.  I’m not alone, most kids who took a summer break are feeling the pain of reviewing what they knew three months ago – Boring!

My second home, the Apple store

My second home, the Apple store

This video was made for me to work with today. But, like the previous water color video it’s worth sharing. I’ll get real about water color techniques soon.

Why do it? Making our own background paper helps our color and shape awareness expand. But, I do it just for the FUN! You?

Watercolor Hugs, Sonja

Sonja Returns to Kindergarten and Stampin’ Up

3 Sep

Hello Everyone,

This summer’s free concerts, vacations and gardening are winding down so I’m happily returning to my indoor creative life.  I wonder if your stamping slows down in the summer too?  Probably not, most of you have a habit that must be seen to so.  I hope you had a creative and fun summer.

Today, I feel like I’m returning to kindergarten.  After you see this video you’ll agree.  Well, there’s no place but UP from here so stay tuned to this blog.  We’re going to have some FUN!

Kindergarten hugs around your knees,


Are you free tomorrow, Sunday August 30th, noonish?

29 Aug

Are you free tomorrow?

Join me! I’ll be at The Scrapbook Shack in Louisville making Project Give Thanks cards. No experience necessary. This is an easy and fun way to help cancer survivors at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center – TEBO.

Check out to see what this is all about.

Hugs All, Sonja

One seat remaining at tonight’s Stampin’ Up Card Buffet, call me…

2 Jun

Call me if you want to try a new kind of fun tonight, stamping that is 😉

Hugs, Sonja


26 May

Hello friends,


The last Sunday of every month I host a volunteer card making event at The Scrapbook Shack in Louisville.

THE NEW TIME for this meeting is 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.  Here are the bullet by bullet details:

*  We hand make greeting cards for cancer patients to use.

*  All supplies are provided.

*  No cost, just your volunteer time is needed.

*  Creativity or crafting experience is not need.

*  Please RSVP so that I will have enough card kits for everyone to make.

RSVP  or call 720-341-3829  

*  Groups, spouses, interested children over 12 and friends are all invited.

*  You will have a fun crafting experience while helping others.

For more about Project Give Thanks click HERE.

That's me, newly shaved because I couldn't stand watching the clumps fall out.  2010

This is me, newly shaved because I couldn’t stand watching hair clumps fall out. I came up with PGT because shopping for thank you cards after chemo treatments was just too much for me. I spent those months feeling bad because I wasn’t sending thank you cards to the wonderful people who were supporting me.  Who needs guilt on top of cancer treatments?  Nobody!  That’s why beautiful, free cards are available in the RMCC chemo room.  That’s Project Give Thanks!   2010

The first person to choose cards from the PROJECT GIVE THANKS box at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center.  2011

Lesley was the first person to choose cards from the PROJECT GIVE THANKS box at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. 2011

Boxes of cards at RMCC and a

Boxes of unique, beautiful handmade cards at RMCC and a “Thank You” to all of the volunteers who made them.


I’ll see you this coming Sunday the 31st at the Scrapbook Shack in Louisville. Please let me know that you’ll be joining me.

Many Volunteer Hugs,

Thank you Marla!

30 Mar

Thanks to Marla, and a few other card artists, Easter cards are now available in the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center’s chemo infusion room.  These beautiful handmade cards are free and available for cancer survivors to use during their treatment time or to take home for when a cheerful card is needed.

Marla, you’re as sweet as a bright yellow chicken peep! Thank you.

Rainbow hugs from me to all of you! Sonja