Meet Project Give Thanks contributor Cathy Douglas

18 Jan
Cathy Douglas and her youngest grandchild.

Cathy Douglas and her youngest granddaughter

Hello Everyone.  I’d like you to meet one of PGT’s most dedicated contributors, Cathy Douglas of Boulder County, CO.  I asked Cathy if she would tell us about herself, family and love of stamping.  Here’s the wonderful reply I received.
“About my stamping….
        I probably started back in the dark ages…24+ years ago…before computers, and internet were mainstream in homes. My husband was in the Air Force for 20 years, and I’d see a few stamps at craft shows, etc. It depended on where we were stationed as to what was available craft-wise. My 3 kids and I would “make” thank you notes, etc. for fun. Occasionally, I’d find a book…like those by Dee Gruenig! Exciting! Don’t remember ever seeing cardstock available…we used large unlined index cards. Nice to have so more stamps and papers to use today…cards look a whole lot nicer too! 🙂
    Stamps and products have evolved and now, I’m sure I have way too much. It’s a type of therapy too, right?  Since moving back home to Colorado (we grew up here), I joined 2 stamp groups. One group makes trading cards, which I have saved for many years. I have been using many of the traders to make cards. I thought someone else might as well be enjoying them. These two clubs have served as a source of inspiration and learning, as we share our knowledge, our trials and triumphs! Plus, it’s great time to visit with friends.
    I find lots inspiration on the internet, blogs, Pinterest, demonstrators, and Splitcoast Stampers. Seems that most of the magazines are disappearing. There are so many talented card makers out there, so it’s easy to find ideas. I really like watercolor, so hope it stays around a long time.
    I have way too many hobbies, and not enough time…stained glass, crafting, sewing and quilting, gardening, photography, paper crafting, etc. There are still so many things to learn and try. We are lucky to have 2 of our 3 children close by, and 2 fun grand daughters! We also love to hike, ski, and ride our bikes.
  …Thank you for taking your time to do this service for cancer patients. I’m sure you will never know the full impact of your service! Take care and have a good weekend! Go Broncos!  Cathy”
These photos are of Cathy’s latest card donations and every one of them is a beauty!

Thank you Cathy and Thank you to all of YOU!  Project Give Thanks depends on generous people like you and Cathy to keep uplifting the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center’s cancer patients.

To each of you I’m sending my hugs of gratitude,


2 Responses to “Meet Project Give Thanks contributor Cathy Douglas”

  1. mudmaven January 18, 2015 at 9:33 am #

    Thanks so much Cathy for all you do for this project! You are truly an inspiration to the rest of us. ~chris

  2. cjhertkorn January 18, 2015 at 12:45 pm #

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