Give Thanks…

22 Apr

… when you have the opportunity to touch someone’s heart and you do it!

Today I stopped by the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center to restock our box of cards.  Boy!  Everyone gets it now and they simply love and appreciate the beautiful cards!  There were only 3 cards left!

I also stopped by the nurse advocate’s office to see how thing’s went with the box I gave her.  She, Nanna Bo, told me that women in the Newly Diagnosed and Young Newly Diagnosed support groups enjoyed the cards very much.  Cards have also been shared with the Lymphedema support group. 

All of you, who have donated cards to Project Give Thanks, have touched many, many hearts in so many ways.   At this very moment one of your cards, filled with Thanks, may be on it’s way to a sister who has cared for children so a survivor could recover from surgery or chemo treatments.  Or, one of your cards could be saying “Thanks a Latte” to a dear friend who filled a freezer with meals.  Someone may be receiving word that their loved one has just been diagnosed with cancer and the beauty of the card has made that message a little less biting.

My Stamp-artist friends, you were given the opportunity to touch someone’s heart and you did it!

Thank You,


 Rocky Mountain Cancer Center; Photo by Sonja Knaisch

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